DCRTT automates testing of C functions from test case generation to test evaluation and documentation. The product offers high productivity of testing, coverage analysis, identification of exceptions and execution times. Starting of a script in the source directory is fully sufficient to run the automated tests and to get the results in an automatically generated document.

DCRTT is the C port of DARTT.

Major Features

(Features marked with * are in preparation)

  • Automated Function Testing
  • Random, Statistical and Incremental Test Steps
  • Automated Test Vector Generation (Input and Output)
  • Automated Robustness Testing and Fault Injection
  • Automated Coverage Analysis
  • Automated Control Flow Analysis
  • Automated Exception Recording
  • Determination and Recording of Execution Times
  • Instrumentation support for Integration and System Testing
  • Automated Documentation
  • Code Analysis: Function and Type Properties
  • Automated Instrumentation: Assertions, Data Monitoring *
  • Full support for ANSI C